Age of Wushu – Coming to North America!

In my years of gaming, I have always wanted to have the experience of being in a Chinese kung fu movie, to embark on a quest on the open land with my martial arts, and to fight opponent after opponent to hone my skills. Few MMOs have gained my attention and held my interest, but alas they have all ended up being uninstalled after 3 weeks. It would seem that I have lost all hope, until a certain game came into light. This game is Age of Wushu!

Publishing studio Snail Games, debuted an early version of its North American version at E3. Many were stunned by its gameplay mechanics and that international action star Jet Li signed a two-year contract to promote Age of Wushu. As the new face of the martial arts MMOs, Li stated “Age of Wushu captures the spirit of wushu and will leave all with a better understanding in the art.” Li went on to state how the game ” embodies the feel from such movies as Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon and Hero.”

Back to the gameplay, you start the game by choosing one of six unique story lines, players become the protagonists of their own individual stories in Age of Wushu. Every action bears a consequence and every NPC has his or her own opinions about each player. Players will also be in control of where and how to improve their skills in Wushu. Players can choose one of eight martial arts schools to train, or invade another school to steal knowledge not offered at their current school. Training can even take place offline by choosing one of 30 offline activities to keep a character progressing in-game as an NPC.

Without the traditional MMO crutch of levels and classes, it is impossible to predict the outcome of a fight. Yes, that means that beggar on the street can be a traveling Grand Master! With over 5,000 equipment upgrades, 32 guild sites, 17 professions and a range of amazing aerial combat, Age of Wushu will put each player in control of their experience.

With its recent winning of “Most Anticipated Project Award” from E3, all should look forward to the dawning of a new age of martial arts MMOs.

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