Crystal Saga – Browser MMO Spotlight

Crystal Saga is a browser based MMORPG, with unique characteristics that separate it from the rest of browser MMOs. The game offers 5 classes (knight, rogue, mage, priest, and ranger), and has a considerably large player base. Some of the unique features to Crystal Saga are its pet and mount transformation, where with certain items you can transform your pets into extravagant morphs. Crystal Saga also contains an open pvp system, where players can pretty much attack each other in the open, so watch out! Other features of this game include huge battlegrounds with endless monsters, dungeons, and item and equipment enhancements.

The games recent updates include its upgrade to a level 100 exp cap, and a membership program for 7.99/month for extra items to help you throughout the game. Also, for this upcoming July 4th, Crystal Saga is going all out with limited edition red, white, and blue outfits to wear going through June 28th-July 4th. They are also giving back to the community by hosting an in-game charity event for veterans of foreign wars! Personally, this is one of my favorite browser MMORPGs. You can do your quests with friends, and at level 30 you can make your own guild where you can give enhancements to your guild members, like 2x the exp for the day.

The game play does get repetitive, as the quests are continuously the same tasks. Crystal Saga also has low quality graphics, and limited character customization. However, if you can look past all that, the core game play is what separates Crystal Saga from other MMORPGs. The game has many ways to stay entertained if your bored with the millions of quests offered such as side quests, dungeons, and even set up your own shop in town! The games most admirable features are definitely the open battlegrounds and the pet and mount transformation. Hopefully you try out this great browser MMORPG and maybe Ill see you in the game!

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