Age Of Wushu Transcendence Abilities Spotlight

Snail Games USA’s exciting martial arts inspired MMORPG game, Age of Wushu, is set to grow later this month with the arrival of the highly anticipated Transcendence expansion – the largest update to the game since its release.

The Transcendence expansion will introduce a barrage of exciting new content, most notably a change to the in-game skills system that will see players unlock a number of powerful new skills and abilities.

Players will have the chance to unlock new skills through the discovery of special skill books littered across the world of Age of Wushu but they must first raise their attributes to gain access to a Fifth Internal Skill.

In a new blog post by the team at Snail Games USA, the developers highlight the new skills that players can unlock including everything from increased critical chance to splash damage and damage over time effects.

The first batch of revealed skills are as follows:

  • Shaolin – Wushi Chi – Increased chance of Crit Hit
  • Beggar’s Sect – Catch Dragon – Increased chance of Crit Hit and Splash Damage
  • Royal Guards – Possessed by Ghost – Chance of defensive immunity/offensive Crit Hit boost
  • Wudang – Dominating Dragon Blade – Increase endurance and speed during attack
  • Wanderer’s Valley – Shadow-catching Bloodthirst – HP absorption for certain skill
  • Emei – Nirvana Land – Creates damaging shield when in combat
  • Tangmen – Extremely Soft and Cold Poison – Chance to inflict special poison effect
  • Scholars – Phoenix Dancing and Singing – Movement damage and Damage Reduction boost when in combat

Source: Official Website

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