Albion Online Closed Beta Roadmap Revealed

Sandbox Interactive today posted an update on the official Albion Online website, thanking the community for their valuable feedback and suggestions during the Alpha phase and introducing the path ahead via a Closed Beta roadmap update. The official Summer Alpha event came to a close today and following feedback received during the event the developers came together to identify key areas that will be at the top of the fix list as the build for Closed Beta comes to light.

In the months building up to the Closed Beta event the developers will invest their time addressing the following:


  • Gear progression and the power curve
  • PvP gear acquisition and reducing the time needed to create sets
  • Skill based combat and balancing
  • Economy changes including the removal of the silver tax
  • Overhaul of learning points
  • Local GvG — teams will have to have battle vaults in zones being attacked with characters having to be in proximity in order to participate
  • GvG warcamps and timers
  • Expanding the hellgate feature
  • Open world PvP events centered around treasure chests spawning for 30 minutes with a 3 minute interrupt when an attempt is made to open it
  • Food revamp
  • Player housing, hirelings and pets
  • Player islands to become upgrade-able and expandable
  • Bug fixes, polish, etc.


A full list of the features expected to arrive with the launch of Closed Beta, including details on specifics and time frames, is available on the official website linked below.

Source: Official Website

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