Albion Online On The Road To Closed Beta

Sandbox Interactive today published a brand new state of the game letter for October, introducing fans of Albion Online to what the developers have been working on, including the arrival of the highly anticipated Closed Beta testing event scheduled to take place at the end of this month. Fans from around the world will be delighted to hear that the team have also been working on translating the client for different regions, with English, German, French, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Polish and Spanish, all planned for release some time during the Closed Beta event.

In the state of the game letter the team also squeezed in some questions pitched by the community. The more exciting information as a result of the questions is that both the original and new continent will be available during the Closed Beta, Silver will be used mainly for repairs and certain armor pieces have undergone some resistance improvements.

The team have also been working on other elements of the game including:


  • Reduction to crafting costs
  • Huge balance changes to farming and consumables
  • New animations and improved sounds
  • An overhaul to the Destiny Board
  • Brand new avatar icons
  • The debut of a new weapon type, the Quarterstaff


For the full lowdown on the many changes coming to Albion Online during the Closed Beta and beyond, check the official announcement below.

Source: Official Website

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