Albion Online Summer Update & Stats Revealed

Sandbox Interactive has a couple of surprises for the Albion Online community today as we come to the end of the second week of the Summer Alpha event, which sees the developers reveal some impressive stats for the Albion Online Alpha alongside a host of improvements with the latest patch. The second week of the Summer Alpha event has seen over 15,000 players from 145 countries enter the fray, constructing nearly 30,000 buildings and slaughtering 12,300 players in intense PvP competition.

Accompanying today’s stats is a brand new update, titled the Deadlands, that introduces a pack of exciting new PvP clusters. Albion Online players can now grab some additional high-end resources with their guild, used to claim up to twenty new territories. Finally, a brand new dungeon promises to provide players with a boss battle of epic proportions.


  • Added four new safe zone clusters, to the south-west and east of the map. These contain higher tier Heretics, and grant access to new group dungeons
  • Added two new yellow zone clusters, to the west of the map, containing Keepers
  • Added nine new red zone clusters, one to the west containing lower tier Disciples of Morgana, and eight in the north containing high-tier Disciples
  • Added a new Morgana raid, featuring an entirely new (and somewhat scary) boss
  • Every character has been gifted 1000 additional learning points, in order to make it easier to plunder the new high-tier regions!
  • Animated arrows for raid attacks on the worldmap are now shown in yellow, differentiated from conquest attacks which remain in red
  • Pyro Blast and Snipe Shot spells now have an additional visual effect to make their targets clear
  • Healing staffs will now show up in a new “heal” subcategory on the market
  • Text color when typing in the chat window should now always be the same color as the channel you’re typing in


For more information check out the official patch notes below.

Source: Official Patch Notes

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