Alvir’s Legacy Update Revealed For Devilian

A new post from a member of the Trion Worlds development team today highlights some exciting new details for the highly anticipated Alvir Legacy update for the increasingly popular MMORPG, Devilian. Although teased previously this is the first announcement of in-depth details, a welcomed surprise as we head into the Summer drought.

Alvir’s Legacy will introduce a number of exciting new features and fixes to current systems including:


  • Players will be able to expand their abilities on the battlefield with an increase in level cap from level 54 to level 56
  • Intense new challenges for end-game players with 4 new Heroic and Hell Mode dungeons with an additional Archdevil Dungeon and Archdevil Dungeon
  • With the increase in level cap players can expect brand new PvP and PvE based gear sets
  • More rewards for PvP fans with a new currency and Victory Certifications
  • A new artifact will allow players to raise and enhance gear to +9 and beyond


Source: Official Website

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