Membership Updates & New Loyalty Program Arrive In Age Of Conan: Unchained

Funcom today released a huge new update for Age of Conan: Unchained, introducing a staggering list of changes to current Membership options while also launching a new loyalty system and improvements to matchmaking. Funcom, the developers of Age of Conan: Unchained, announced the changes that arrived today during recent celebratory events that saw the AoC community celebrate its 8th birthday.

The Membership program currently available has been improved to introduce brand new perks via the Loyalty Program. Those that subscribe to the Membership program can look forward to unlocking new items such as pets, mounts, and vanity armor as they maintain a subscription over time.

The team also dropped Membership requirements for already owned areas, raids and unchained dungeons. Players that have purchased the various expansions and updates can now enjoy all the content on offer without having to maintain a subscription.

Source: Official Website

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