Arcane Legends – New Expansion Kraken Isles

Today Spacetime Studios is introducing a brand new expansion for their hugely popular MMO Arcane Legends.  Arcane Legends is one of the most played free MMOs on iOS and is also available using Google Play and the Chrome Web Store.  The new expansion is titled Kraken Isles and adds a bit of mythical pirate action to the game.

Some of the new features with the Kraken Isles expansion are a level cap increase from 21 to 26, new Kraken Isles adventure areas with new pirate enemies, pirate themed armor and weapons and of course some great new quests.  There are new Mythic and Arcane rarity items which are the most powerful in the game and pets are now available in the PvP combat part of the game.  Oh!  And I forgot to mention they have added new pets to collect, which include the Toucan a Shark and the Monkey.

To learn more about Arcane Legends visit their website.

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