Scarlet Blade – New Information On Environments

A few weeks back Aeria Games released some great new PvP information for their upcoming mature MMORPG Scarlet Blade.  So far what we know about the game is that it’s going to be, how do i say, risque.  Blaine wrote an article a few days back about game companies using breasts to sell video games and he spoke about this new MMORPG in that article quite a bit.  But, it’s not all just cleavage and thongs in Scarlet Blade.  Today we have some new news from the folks at Aeria Games about the unique environments that Scarlet Blade will offer.

Scarlet Blade will take place in a futuristic earth.  The world has been ravaged by an alien race called the Narak and the Earth does not look anything like we know it today.  In the game you will start from a technologically advanced underground base but will soon discover what’s lurking outside.  The world is dominated by overgrowth and the cities of our once proud people are in ruins.  The land is filled with dense forests, giants mushrooms, huge slithering worms and a world with run-down industrial complexes and biological experiments gone wrong.  The world is a take on a post-apocalyptic setting that provides plenty of opportunity to explore and discover new and exciting areas. 

As with all Aeria Games titles Scarlet Blade is free to play and is heading into closed beta very shortly.  Check out their website for information on how to enter the beta.

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