Dino Storm – Snaps Up MMO Of The Year Award

Dino Storm, the unique browser-based MMO from Splitscreen Games, has just scooped up the Best Action Browser MMO award for 2013. Dinosaurs and laser guns may not be a typical combination in regular MMORPG games but the award was given based on both public and jury votes.

Over 200,000 MMO players worldwide joined the awards, voting for their Best MMO of the Year under a number of categories.

This is a massive increase from previous years, with only 50,000 users voting last year. As the awards grow in popularity more and more publishers are asking their users to participate, did you cast your vote this year?

Timm Geyer, Managing Director of Splitscreen Games:

?We are very happy about the awards. Especially that both jury and audience have voted for Dino Storm is something we are very proud of and which is a great acknowledgement of our work.?

Following the announcement was more information regarding the success of Dino Storm itself. Recently surpassing the 1 million registered players mark, the game has managed to attract over 500,000 new players since its official launch towards the end of last year.

If you’ve not had a crack at Dino Storm yet, you can check our first impressions video for more information.

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