Arcane Saga Online

Arcane Saga Online is the massively multiplayer online fantasy role playing game from Netmarble and CJ Games Global. The game was previously released as Prius Online, which was shut down in 2012. The game was re-branded as is now released as Arcane Saga Online.

In Arcane Saga Online players will obtain a myriad of unique skills and execute them in awesome combos and bonuses. The combo system allows players to use their skill and timing in order to become better at combat. You will have the opportunity to learn multiple jobs for each class as you power up. Focusing on different jobs will help you along your chosen path, as either a healer, tank, DPS or PvP class.

There is an extensive focus on PvP as you must always be weary of enemies and must defend yourself in the bloodthirsty world of Prius. You will have the option to join an open PvP world or make a name for yourselve in the PvP arenas and castle siege events.

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