The ArcheAge Drama Continues – No Dupe Bug Claims CEO

Trion Worlds have not had the smoothest of rides since the release of the hotly awaited sandbox action MMO, ArcheAge, and that bumpy ride continues today following rumors that suggested a possible duplication exploit had been discovered for APEX currency.

Just 2 short months since they first laid eyes on the sandy shores of ArcheAge, the community have already endured unscheduled downtime through DDoS attacks, braved through endless server queues and even fought back the odd bot contending for resources and land. The latest test was one of rumor as certain sources claimed there was an exploit that would allow players to dupe APEX, the premium micro-transaction currency in ArcheAge.

Ignoring the potential damage this could cause the games community and economy, it could also potentially be extremely damaging to Trion Worlds and other financial investors. Today however Trion Worlds CEO, Scott Hartsman, has put these concerns to bed with an official statement to MMORPG.

[quote cite=”Scott Hartsman, Trion Worlds CEO “]
“There isn’t a dupe bug. There were some instances where APEX could be used to yield more credits than one was supposed to get. Our investigation showed that this affected a relatively small number of people. We’ve temporarily paused their accounts and we’re doing a targeted cleanup on them right now, then releasing them.

People who were found to have intentionally abused it appear to be around a dozen globally, and they’ll see more serious actions taken against their account.” [/quote]

Source: MMORPG

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