Firefall’s Update 1.2 Arrives With A Bang

Red 5 Studios today released the highly anticipated Update 1.2 for the increasingly popular online MMO shooter game, Firefall. The days of freedom are but a distant memory as the war between the Accord and the Chosen rages on. Today the developers asked do you have what it takes to journey to the flaming depths and fight those that threaten the very existence of your world?

Update 1.2 introduces a variety of exciting new content into the mix including brand new instances, more open-world encounters and vast improvements to the Broken Peninsula PvP continent. Operation: Miru, Skydock and Melded Outbreak enter the fray as new instances that promise to deliver a challenging and potentially highly rewarding multiplayer experience.

Customize junkies will also be happy to hear of changes to the games cosmetic features with the hair, facial hair and facial feature options from the item mall now available to all players for free, permanently. Those that purchased the same cosmetics in the past 3 months will receive a full refund on the Red Bean cost.

The Rhino Dreadnaught frame will also be made available for a limited time, for free. Take your chance at enjoying the incredible firepower and mobility of the Rhino Dreadnaught on Friday 21st at 7PM EST.

Firefall Update 1.2: Together Toward Victory

Source: Press Release

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