ArcheAge Responds To Community Concerns & Returns To Roots

According to a scoop from MassivelyOP, taken from the Korean website for ArcheAge, the developers have been paying close attention to the communities feedback and requests and will be taking the game back to its roots with the next content update.

The next update, ArcheAge 3.1, promises to return ArcheAge to its fundamentals following updates that the community felt took the game down the wrong path. Without giving away too much information XLGames said that the patch will be designed to improve four specific areas of the game, balance, character growth, convenience and maritime trade.

[quote cite=”XLGAMES”]“The update is [part] of the fourth anniversary of ArcheAge, [which includes] a large number of updates that add new content and balance patch at the same time. In addition to the new content presented above, we will also improve convenience and add more content.” [/quote]

More information for update 3.1 is expected to arrive later in the month.

Source: MassivelyOP

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