ArcheAge Summer Event, Power Unbound, Announced

Trion Worlds today announced the beginning of an exciting new Summer event for the award-winning ArcheAge, giving players the opportunity to explore entirely new crafting options via a new crafting station that has appeared on Mirage Isle. For the full duration of the event, which is expected to come to a close on August 10th, players will be able to create new Unidentified Grimoire items that do not require any labor hours to create and following identification, can provide hour-long buffs for players to utilize.

There are 10 possible buffs that players will be able to unlock via the new Unidentified Grimoire items, including everything from huge experience points buffs to additional stat improvements, increased max health and cooldown reductions.


  • Experience Grimoire – Increases XP gain by +20%.
  • Ward Grimoire – Decrease received damage by 5%.
  • Promise Grimoire – Increases all stats by +70.
  • Healing Grimoire – Restores 30% of Max Health (120sec cooldown).
  • Haste Grimoire – Increases Move Speed +10%.
  • Greedy Grimoire – Increases loot drop rate +10%.
  • Zeal Grimoire – Increases skill damage and received healing by +4%.
  • Frenzy Grimoire – Decreases combat skill cooldown by 10%.
  • Meditation Grimoire – Restores 18% of Max Mana every 2.5sec for 10sec. Moving or taking action ends the mana restoration (120sec cooldown).


Source: MMORPG

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