Archlord II Closed Beta Registration Begins

Earlier today popular MMO publishing portal Webzen announced the immediate start of the registration period for the closed beta of the action-packed MMO sequel, Archlord II. The official website has been updated with the new option to sign up to future closed beta testing events, giving Western players the opportunity to experience Archlord II for the very first time.

A sequel to the free-to-play medieval MMORPG game, Archlord II embodies many of the elements displayed by its predecessor but delivers them with more depth, more quality and greater variety. Some of the games more attractive features include a deep storyline, enormous PvP battles and a killer soundtrack devised by multi-award winning composer Cris Velasco (The talent behind many a master piece for titles such as Borderlands and God of War.)

Webzen also recently released a CGI launch trailer. Although it lacks any in-game footage, a high-quality cinematic trailer is never a bad sign.

Archlord II will be available to European and American MMO gamers later this year, an official date has yet to be announced.

Source: MMORPG

Update: Some crossed wires with this one, sorry everyone. This was actually a press release regarding the announcement of an upcoming registration phase. Stay tuned for more details.

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