Armored Warfare Welcomes Big Changes With Balance 2.0 Update

Obsidian Entertainment and continue their efforts to improve the overall user experience in Armored Warfare as the teams today announced the upcoming release of Balance 2.0, a long-awaited update aimed at addressing a large array of balancing issues in one swoop. The past few months have seen several new game modes adding to the game and now the developers are carefully listening to the feedback from the community in an effort to streamline and improve the overall experience of the game.

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Balance 2.0 is a catch-all for a set of changes and improvements coming to Armored Warfare in Update 0.19, which solve the problems in high tier gameplay and alleviates the power creep between tiers throughout the game. Another major part of Balance 2.0 is the re-evaluation of every core gameplay mechanic, including: damage mechanics, class abilities, retrofits, upgrades, and crew skills. This fulfills the purpose of ensuring these mechanics are working cohesively to deliver balanced and exciting gameplay as intended.[/quote]

Armored Warfare has attracted a huge following thanks to its tactical military shooter style action alongside an approachable free-to-play revenue model. Modern day battle tanks to anti missile vehicles and deadly projectiles, Armored Warfare is filled to the brim with utter carnage.

Armored Warfare - Balance 2.0 (Developer Update)

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