Armored Warfare Welcomes Global Operations Mode

Obsidian Entertainment today infused the popular online vehicular combat MMO, Armored Warfare, with a fresh new update promising to bring endless hours of competitive fun to the community, Global Operations Mode. The debut of the new mode gives players the opportunity to enjoy a careful blend of PvE and PvP game modes as teams of tank commanders compete against other players and tactical objectives.

Armored Warfare - Global Operations Release Trailer

Brand new tactical Wildcards have been introduced that promise to stir the mixing pot of the theatre of war with anti-tank turrets, stealth bombers and surveillance drones now available to capture and deploy on the battlefield – a brand new map that is the largest in the game to date.

Global Operations Wildcards
Recon UAV: The Recon UAV represents a Predator drone that circles over a certain area, spotting all enemy units within its view range
Airstrike: The Airstrike Wildcard consists of a B2 Spirit bomber that rains hell in a limited area on the map, selected by the player who managed to capture it.
Pillbox Deployment: This Wildcard allows the players to deploy a series of 3 pillboxes, which fire anti-tank missiles into eight pre-determined positions on the map.

Source: Press Release

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