Asylum Entertainment Celebrate $185,000 Funding For Identity

The folks at Asylum Entertainment cracked open the champagne today as their innovative open-world MMORPG, Identity, successfully reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $150,000 CAD. The game suffered a rather slow start to its Kickstarter campaign but it gained traction after exposure across many websites in the MMO network, quickly snowballing to near its final goal with just days remaining.

It was a little touch and go towards the end but a last surge of supporters saw the game surpass its goal and complete its Kickstarter campaign. Identity hopes to reinvent the MMO genre with a vast array of interesting mechanics and unique features. Players will enjoy a realistic experience in an open-world entirely controlled by the player base. Every job, role and responsibility of creating a thriving real-world economy is down to individual players as they assume roles both in and outside of the law.

Source: Kickstarter

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