Mobile Gaming’s 2015 Super Bowl Ads Game Reviews

We take a look at the game’s that were bold enough to spend the big cash it takes to get into the coveted Super Bowl ad slots. This year three video game companies felt it was worthy to spend millions of dollars for a shot to become Super Bowl famous.

This year’s Mobile game advertisers include: Game of War: Fire Age, Heroes Charge and Clash of Clans.

[heading]Quick Facts[/heading]
Clash of Clans
60 second commercial = ~$9 million
Titled: Revenge
Featuring: Liam Neeson
Rated 17 of 61 by USA Today

Game of War: Fire Age
30 second commercial = ~$4 million
Titled: Who I Am
Featuring: Kate Upton
Rated 57 of 61 by USA Today

Heroes Charge
15 second commercial = ~$2.5 million
Titled: Big Game TV Commercial (very original)
Featuring: Gameplay and CGI
Rated 61 of 61 by USA Today (worst rated commercial for 2015)


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