H1Z1 Server Wipe On The Way

Sony Online Entertainment took to Reddit today to inform the H1Z1 community that the planned server wipe for the Early Access zombie survival MMO will take place tomorrow, Thursday, February 5th. All characters, player created structures, repaired and used vehicles, and current inventories will be wiped as the developers continue their efforts to balance the game and solve problems caused by exploits, hackers and bugs.

Players have been reassured that account locked items will not be part of the wiped content so current cosmetic items, crates, crate keys and airdrops will be saved and not impacted by the wipe. However, players have been warned that even these items will not be spared if they are left on a current character or inside a vehicle.

[quote cite=”SOE Legion – H1Z1 Developer”]Full server wipes are a part of Early Access and this won’t be the last one. They help make the game better in substantial ways. We appreciate your support in H1Z1 and the game has already grown a huge amount because of the collaboration between us. [/quote]

Source: Reddit

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