World of Tanks Update 7.0

World of Tanks, a world famous free to play MMO is receiving an update with many new and exciting features. Along with two new maps, Fjords and Swamps, the long awaited camouflage system will be released. The camouflage will work by fitting tank skins to the battlefields they fight on and provide enhanced invisibility. This will add even more to the strategic element of tank combat. If you?re in a clan you will now be able to represent them on the battlefield as well with a clan emblem on your tank. Battles within Clan Wars will also feature a fog of war where the teams will not be able to see each others rosters.  Update 7.0 will also include a special model SU-85 available within special World of Tanks events. CEO Victor Kislyi had this to say ??We are truly proud to present the new features to our players, We will keep upgrading the game, developing new content and introducing new modes. We promise there are a lot of new exciting features to come.?

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