Best MMORPGs for 2016

Top 10 Best MMORPGs for 2016 | Top 10 Upcoming Games

Welcome back Attack, today we are going to be talking about 2016’s best MMORPGs, that’s right, the best MMORPGs for 2016! These are gonna be the new games that we get to experience at least the West, yes some of these games are going to be localized titles, but for the most part is gonna be entirely new MMOs. So get hyped because these are the games that we are almost certain to actually launch in 2016, so let’s go ahead and jump right into it!

[heading]Tree of Savior[/heading]
At number ten on the list we have Tree of Savior, which looks like Ragnarok Online maybe a little bit to you yeah that’s because the father of Ragnarok Online, IQ Kim, actually is making this game, so it is very much a spiritual successor. TIt is a top-down action RPG style but don’t worry is very much on line open world and very social. A lot of the combat is incredibly mechanical and strategic and tactical and it just feels really good playing the game and living in this world. And the art style just look at it makes you feel really good for me so if you like this kind of our style then you can be friends it also will probably have some fun playing Tree of savior.

Coming in at number 9, and it probably could actually come out in 2017, 2018, forever, it really has been taking a long time but Daybreak Games have been
working pretty hard. H1Z1 is looking pretty good now has mixed reviews but mainly because it is a buy to play title currently in early access it costs like $20 to get in but I believe is a free-to-play game it’s absolutely gonna blow the competition away and it is overall a pretty good game in a very enriching experience if you’ve never played the genre or so whatever it does drop is free to play.

[heading]The Division[/heading]
At number eight we have The Division. Now this game probably could be our number one honestly but it’s one game that it just seems like it’s probably going to fail it’s beyond the history of Euless off the history of console MMOs it’s just there’s all sorts of opera surrounding it like I mean we all want to be super excited for it could be freaking amazing a third person shooter tactical survival thing with the story and actually the game is incredibly vague alot of mechanics are not entirely sure about what we do know will be the game-winner no quality it will be in the game you guys know what I’m talking about destiny anyways so the division it could be freaking great me on this list let’s keep some reserves guys number eight.

[heading]Camelot Unchained[/heading]
Coming in at number seven we have Camelot unchained and yes this is the maker of Dark Age of Camelot and you can expect similar gameplay except pretty much everything just doing a little bit better. It is completely focused on PvP as it is going to be factions vs faction vs faction which was kind of up-started by Dark Age of Camelot and hopefully Unchained is going to perfect it. Now there are couple other games out there right now that are currently doing the whole three faction PvP, but this one has the most amount of potential, and it’s got the history. It’s only a number seven because we haven’t seen too much of the game yet but has a huge amount of love behind it therefore the need for think it’s gonna blow everything else out of the water for Camelot Unchained.

[heading]EverQuest Next[/heading]
EverQuest next this is gonna be another Daybreak Game’s title, and while we are a little bit tiny bit iffy on if it’s actually gonna come out this year now most of these games at school the next day 21 release dates and stuff like that but gotta come out this year if they wait any longer just be awkward in next look super high and they have announced that they have taken everything from EverQuest landmark all the team all the finances on financial cushion their green that over to EverQuest next they want to get this game they wanna get this out there so people can enjoy and have fun with it and I honestly want to take your word for itsay I want to take care of the hype gonna take everything that i’ve seen truth is everybody is going to be a great game.

[heading]Albion Online[/heading]
And have we on our list we have Albion online I wanted to make number five will because I’m incredibly hyped about it I don’t know if you guys have seen our channel recently this past year but we actually covered I’ll be online a couple of times is a great game on your mobile devices on your desktop is a hard course the Inbox PvP focused almost entirely PvP game that looks really cartoony and it looks like it actually would appeal to casual players but at the same time still completely focusing mechanic leon hardcore aspects carebear gameplay even though it’s not as hardcore as some other hardcore sandbox MMORPG I think it has the perfect middle ground and forwarded its gonna run on your mobile devices are not well it probably will eat very much being created just for your mobile devices and media shield any runs fantastic let alone if you gonna play this on your desktop that it recently announced that it’s going to be a plane may be free later on so that’s one reason why it’s a height but in the end where I’ve played without being online just has me too excited to pick it off this list is really hard to come by looks good even if it was just a desktop MMO so that’s why Albion online is going to be number five.

[heading]Blade & Soul[/heading]
In number for title is blade and soul a lot of mobile people are playing this game you want to I actually kind of like really fun as the PvP game as an RPG or as an MMO but like just jumping into the arenas and play it like a fighting game it’s actually a lot of fun and then translate those mechanics into the actual RPG MMO aspect you know the running around all actually kind of like flying around its fleet of soul is a gorgeous game even though it’s actually pretty dated just now being localized to Western audiences but wow it still looks freaking good and it plays really well to the UI elements and some Gator game design philosophy is a little bit dated but seriously we have no other game that’s really up to this quality despite its age and in this genre so yes it is believed in soul hits you better believe that I’m gonna be playing it.

At number three we have a game called Crowfall and I’m gonna be honest I can only describe this game with sort of like the metaphors ok it’s almost as if you took game of thrones and then Blake mixed it with World of Warcraft but at the same time you take something like League of Legends and then also kinda throw it in their craft like seriously this game seems like an amalgamation of all these different very grand ideas but it seems like it’s it’s gonna create a unique sort of game play a game feel than any other MMO could possibly potentially make foxhole description you’ve got different separate campaigns doors essentially Pvt BP’s who would like to build a certain campaign against each other while there’s like PvE involved in tunnels are too ridiculous stuff at the same time even though I do believe there are some instances with the campaign’s it is still a player driven economy because you still need to get the resources from these campaigns to build up your fill the bases and guilt islands in stuff like this a lot of a movie instead of having normal classes you actually have character kids are character archetypes essentially you know and all intensive purposes there actually are you have some really weird and diverse team play with all these different characters versus one of the classes that were used to craft but it could work it might not win yet to be seen a lot of hype and that’s why I hope all is number three.

[heading]Star Citizen[/heading]
And here at number two we have a game that’s really close to my heart I haven’t actually played it but it’s just a game that is just so much so much hype in this game I think it will live up to it a little longer than expected release date his 2016 go Google that your self a star citizen just doesn’t seem to be getting together quite properly in Sinai think the modules that they’ve early so far with the alphas look really good and I think it’s even if it doesn’t release until it’s gonna be a good game even a great game but I don’t think that it’s gonna be the entire experience that we’ve been promised and 2016 I think there’s gonna be updates later on that’s actually gonna give us everything that we want out of this game in 2016 I think it’s just gonna be a good game that’s why it’s not number one i think it will be probably the best game later on maybe the best generation of all time who freaking knows infinite potential in the year 2016 technically considerate released I don’t think it’s going to be the game that it’s trying to be just yet if they get a little bit to develop but I do believe it’s on its way and for that reason it’s a number two.

[heading]Black Desert Online[/heading]
Number one for best MMORPG for 2016 this year has been so full of his height right games that we have no idea what they’re actually gonna be like we have never touched them but for me I actually played black deserve to be really freaking awesome game it’s really fun and yes it has been released in other territories but now it’s coming to the western territories as by to play games with its more bear in a PvP focus open world game you’d like me as fair as possible and that will act as there is no there’s not gonna be any reading or dungeons maybe that might come later on this is a sandbox PvP that’s where you get a focus on the economy on crime and it’s got a whole lot of math based content and management there’s a huge amount which I really appreciate it focuses on all the core MMO aspects other then I guess all the pretty content with the spoon fed content but we’re very used to win games like World of Warcraft or even killed were still it’s not a theme park but at the same time it looks like such a line in the sand box in the truest sense I believe but at the same time it also gives us a lot of tools to play in the sandbox game also looks good as incredibly well optimized a run on your laptop whenever you talk to NPCs you actually to learn about the world to discuss things with them so they get more class and buy things from them so much more explosive and big and how everything looks basically every every point why would like any other in the move like this or has that aside from ending rating is it for you if you’re looking for a wholly unique in new experience from what we previously had been my friend is gonna be the game they you need hopefully i’ve been waiting for and luckily I had my hands on it and I think it is the one this is gonna be the best MMORPG 2016.

Guys that was it at the end of 2016 best MMORPGs now we try to pick games that we are almost 100% certain that they will launch in 2016 so there’s a lot of games coming there might come in 2017 and maybe they’ll actually still be playable again oh and open alphas and betas this year maybe so a lot of games coming from the east to the west and then look pretty freaking good I’ll be honest games maybe we should have mentioned here there are a lot of games already there in early access but they are mixed reviews too many on here but still maybe they could turn out to be really fantastic hope so please write for them in the comments below personally for these on these top 10 I am excited hopefully you are too like subscribe if you are will definitely show you those games as they come out with your first impressions and other top tens maybe involving other means that you might be interested it and hopefully will introduce you to some games that you didn’t know about you play them you have a good time and that’ll make us happy please come back at SAC talking about 2016 is best MMORPGs he’s gonna be the new animal games that we get to experience at least in the West yes some of these games are going to be localized titles but for the most part is gonna be entirely new MMO so hyper and these are the games that we are almost certainly will actually look

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