Big November Update for Wizard101

Wizard101 is one of the most popular MMOs for both children and adults. It consistently delivers great content, entertaining story lines and more fun to its player base that even hardcore MMO players can enjoy. Over the past month we have gotten a peek of whats coming to Wizard101. The expansion Zafaria will come to test servers and a new mini-game called Grub Guardian will arrive to mobile markets that allows you to level your in-game pet while away from the game.  And to top it all off a few more goodies will be released over the Holiday season. Zafaria will be an African themed area with players encounter all kinds of new opponents and allies. The games level cap is also being increased by 10 to 70. On top of the new gear and mounts players will get access to Rank 9 spells. There will also be a bunch of new zones to explore such as the Drum Jungle, Stone Town and the central market Baobab. Lets not forget about the Grub Guardian mini-game for mobile devices and web browsers. The game is tower defense style and helps players level up their pets. While it was tricky Kings Isle was able to link up players accounts to the app to allow them to level their pets outside the game. It will begin testing in November with release shortly their after. Because Wizard101 is constantly updating the game and keeping it entertaining for players they have been able to steadily grow. There are over 20 million registered players in the US and the game will soon be expanding into Europe and China.

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