Big PAX East Reveal For Critically Acclaimed Warframe

Digital Extremes today announced their plans to host a huge community event at PAX East in Boston next month as Tenno fans from around the world gather for a sneak peek at upcoming events in Warframe. The developers will hold a live community fan event Livestream at TennoLive 2015: PAX East on March 6th at 8PM, taking the opportunity to introduce their community to upcoming content updates, mechanic revisions and feature improvements.

Little information was given on the exact nature of the announcements but Digital Extremes did state that they would be revealing new gameplay, new content and a deeper insight into the future direction of Warframe.

Not planning on heading to PAX East but don’t want to miss out? Well, thanks to the wonders of live broadcasting Warframe fans around the globe will be invited to join the event via the official Warframe Twitch.TV channel.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Must be some big mechanic revisions if they classify it as new gameplay. Was getting all hyped reading… however with the game being on both PC and consoles not really sure about this changes. Hope they are good. At least not long left until we see what exactly will they change.

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