Crowfall Achieves $800,000 Kickstarter Funding Goal Within 72 Hours

After a hugely successful launch day for ArtCraft Entertainment’s debut on Kickstarter, expectations continued to get smashed as the MMO community swamped the page on day two and smashed the Crowfall funding goal by day three.

In under 72 hours the Kickstarter page has attracted over 9,000 supporters and a staggering $923,064 of its $800,000 funding goal has been raised. The team are incredibly excited to see such huge levels of interest and promise good things for Crowfall in the future:

[quote cite=”Gordon Walton ArtCraft President And Executive Producer”]“We are floored and humbled by the response from our community. We hoped that the vision behind Crowfall would help it find an audience, but we didn’t expect to exceed our target so quickly.” [/quote]

[quote cite=”J. Todd Coleman, CEO and Game Director.”]“ Crowfall is a completely player-driven universe. Instead of creating thousands of hours of content, we give the players the tools they need to create their own experiences. Crowfall is an economic, political and military simulator. We expect thousands —or hundreds of thousands—of players to join guilds and noble houses and to compete for control of the virtual universe.”[/quote]

With J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton at the helm and over 9,000 gamers offering almost $1 million in funding, Crowfall’s potential is huge and could actually manage to deliver on the myriad of innovative ideas they’ve revealed.

Source: Kickstarter

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