Darkfall: Unholy Wars Prepares To Welcome Changes To Combat & Mounts

Aventurine Studios today posted a new entry on the official blog for Darkfall: Unholy Wars highlighting a huge list of changes aimed at addressing problems surrounding the current combat and mount system. The post goes in to great detail explaining the reasoning behind such big changes as the development team make massive alterations to almost all areas of combat, most of which is a direct result of community feedback.

Among the more noteworthy changes include a huge re-balancing effort of Ultimate Skills, adjustments to player movements to provide smoother animations, improvements to hitboxes for more realistic combat, the introduction of mounted and underwater combat and finally, changes to current regeneration mechanics.

Accompanying the combat overhaul update are a variety of other exciting improvements including better instant travel mechanics, a better UI, new leader boards, mount changes and an update to the harvesting system.

For the full rundown on all the features scheduled to arrive with the upcoming patch, check the link below.

Source: Official Website

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