Bigpoint Breaks New Ground with Rising Cities

Ever wanted to build your own virtual metropolis without having to annoy your buddies with Facebook requests and beg them for energy? Bigpoint is launching Rising Cities, a free-to-play urban development game, into Open Beta, to the delight of casual gamers worldwide. At the Rising Cities website, would-be mayors can play Bigpoint?s new city-builder, hassle-free, directly in their browser and start planning, building and managing all of the ins and outs of their soon-to-be booming cities. The new trailer available on Bigpoint?s YouTube channel  gives a first impression of the game?s building blocks.

Rising Cities is designed to appeal to a wide audience ? the game mechanics are intuitive and user-friendly, so even beginners should have no problems navigating the landscape of their growing towns. The game offers the player multitudes of options in terms of planning, expanding their cities and trading raw materials that are sure to engage fans of classic city simulation games. The high-quality graphics bring the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan streets to life.

?With Rising Cities, we are introducing a casual game with lots of core elements. As such, players have a depth of play in this city simulator that will enrich their experience as they trade, build and design their own metropolis,? said Jan Michel Saaksmeier, Executive Producer at Bigpoint. ?All Rising Cities mayors will be able to share their victories in urban development without having to spam their buddies with Facebook requests.?

When executing their vision, enthusiastic city-planners must always try to keep their cities attractive, yet efficient, all the while staying lucrative and keeping citizens satisfied. Online urban developers must also maintain the balance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in their cities, without losing sight of keeping their burgeoning metropolises appealing to its citizens.

It doesn?t matter what kind of towering cities players have in mind, they can bring them to life in the new free-to-play browser game Rising Cities. The game?s Facebook page offers city-planners the opportunity to make connections with other players and to get the latest news directly from the Rising Cities team.

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