Bigpoint?s Battlestar Galactica Online Gains Power from Allegorithmic?s Substance

Bigpoint, a worldwide leader in online games ? and Allegorithmic, the leading firm in texturing technology, today announced that Bigpoint?s free-to-play, browser-based game, Battlestar Galactica Online (BSGO) is the most successful game built atop the Unity 3D platform to incorporate Allegorithmic Substance technology. Utilizing Unity and Substance products, Bigpoint greatly enhances user experiences by creating in-game art that is optimized for each player?s individual computer.

?Bigpoint is constantly striving to push the boundaries of browser game development and we?re very pleased with the benefits BSGO has gained with the addition of Allegorithmic?s sophisticated technology,? said Matt Norton, Studio Director, Bigpoint Inc. ?Substance enables us to produce high-quality art without creating sizing issues. Since we can easily scale assets down from megabytes to kilobytes, we can use higher-res textures all while still minimizing download times for players in the game.?

Since its launch in 2011, Battlestar Galactica Online has become the most popular Unity-based game to adopt Substance. In one year, BSGO enlisted more than 10 million registered pilots to the tactical space combat massively multiplayer online game, and adds 25,000 new registrations per day. Bigpoint has created a number of customizable character skins with dynamic levels of detail; the first batch of Human and Cylon ship paints built with Substance were released in early 2012. More recently, a limited-edition collection of golden ship skins were produced for the in-game Festival of Kobol celebration (running through Aug. 12).

?Working with Bigpoint and the talented BSGO development team has been incredibly rewarding,? said Alexis Khouri, VP Strategy & Sales, Allegorithmic. ?BSGO is one of the most impressive browser-based titles ever launched, and we are both excited and proud to know that Substance technology adds to this game?s power.?
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