Spirit Tales Update: New PVP Maps and Gear!

This summer, Spirit Tales has released a number of game changing updates, adding new functionality, and further customization, to what is widely considered to be one of the most customizable games released this year. Next week, the updates continue with a new Battlefield Map and Lv. 55 purple gear and weapons.

The new battlefield map offers a head to head option, in addition to the current 3 team map. Currently, the battlefield is only available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. After the update, players will be able to play the new map on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; giving players more chances to prove whether or not their clan is the strongest.

Additionally, Lv. 55 purple gear and weapons will be available, adding 14 gear sets, 70 pieces of armor, and 80 new weapons. This will make an excellent addition to the recently raised level cap and class change update, which added an additional 12 classes to the game.

As mentioned earlier, this update even furthers Spirit Tales? position as one of the most customizable games to date. In addition to 40 million costume combinations, hundreds of pets, 18 specialized classes, and an ever increasing amount of PVP modes, players can now customize a special map, making a place of their own.

Further Details about this, and other updates can be found on the Spirit Tales forum, additionally; you can sign up and download the game at its official website, ST.KoramGame.com.

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