BioShock 2 for Mac out today!

“I haven’t played BioShock, though.”  If that is anything close to what you were thinking, stop thinking and continue reading.  BioShock is a great game series that deserves your playtime.  BioShock 1 has been available on 360, PC, PS3, and Mac for a good while now, but BioShock 2 was only on 360, PC, and PS3.  That changes today with the release of BioShock 2 to the Mac.

BioShock 2 on OSX features everything you’d expect it to, such as the full campaign and the multiplayer, only now it’s been ported to play on that shiny Mac you just bought.

Get BioShock 2 for $30.99 on Mac from the Mac App Store today!  You can also pick up the first game for $29.99 from the Mac App Store, too!

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