Top 10 Best Free to Play Mac MMOs 2014

We know how hard it is to find games on the mac.  Many games aren’t ported over properly and most not at all.  So to help you find exactly what you are looking for, we here at attack gaming have set up a top ten list just for you.  Here we go in no particular order, this is our top ten f2p mmo’s that you can play on mac.

[heading]City of Steam Arkadia[/heading]First lets talk about City of Steam.  This is a game that throws players into a completely unique steampunk universe with magitech, alchemy, and danger.  The game has a taste of difficulty to it but luckily even for a browser game it has solid mechanics. Its novel atmosphere and gameplay both are very fitting of its action rpg roots.  Dive dungeons, climb the gear ladder, and whether you are doing pve or pvp, hopefully you have fun exploring the novelty.

[heading]Lord of the Rings Online[/heading]Next up we have Lord of the Rings Online.  Starting out as a sub fee game, Lord of the Rings Online actually made many top ten lists as a f2p title and has been getting a steady stream of updates since.  Not only is it another window into the famed universe, it is also a great experience in its own right with solid mechanics and all the features that you could really ask for in an mmorpg.  Graphicly simplistic, but still a content rich title none the less.

[heading]Star Trek Online[/heading]Another fantastically famed franchise, here is Star Trek Online.  Star Trek is huge, so luckily we have a massive game to help us explore it all.  Star Trek Online has a blend of shooter and rpg elements with some sequences being on the ground and others will have you piloting your own ship in the final frontier.  While the game does wear a familiar face in both aesthetics and in terms of actual gameplay, players should feel rewarded for their time with a new look into the world or worlds that is Star Trek.

[heading]Transformers Universe[/heading]Speaking of space, here’s Transformers: Universe.  T:U was slated to be Jagex’s next big MMO but during production they radically shifted gears into a more competitive direction.  Transformers: Universe has great mechanics that feel like a third person moba that even translates well inside the browser.  There still is an open world aspect to the game though that is now the minority of gameplay but there is still a very rpg atmosphere with character upgrades and customization.  The majority of the game takes place in lobbies where autobots fight against decepticons in a number of arenas and game modes and these battles actually impact the overall global war making each battle and the overall game feel connected.

[heading]Runescape[/heading]After just mentioning Jagex, lets also give a shout out to their other massive success, Runescape.  This game right here probably evokes fond memories of your first mmo, and in fact it still is a good if not great game but a lot has changed.  Runescape is cute but still more on the hardcore side of mmo.  Runescape is dated but still constantly getting updates.  Runescapes physics are limited but also know that Runescape has some of the single best quest lines of any mmo period.  While the majority of the game is locked behind a membership wall, even just playing the free portion of this game is completely worth even now.

[heading]Wakfu[/heading]Next on our list we have a colorful french mmorpg called Wakfu which is actually a sequel game to Dofus and even has its own animation.  Wakfu is a mmo strategy rpg and plays similarly to titles like Final Fantasy Tactics.  This mmo has a ton of character and color from its obviously cutesy artstyle to even the quest text which is surprisingly not annoying or too wordy.  Wakfu isn’t the easiest game to get into, but it does have some good writing and world building concepts that anybody can enjoy.

[heading]Unturned[/heading]Now lets U-turn from these standard rpg’s and lets talk about a new f2p game on steam called Unturned.  Unturned is essentially Dayz meets minecraft.  It is minecraftian in artstyle, simplistic, bold, colorful, but has the panic inducing risk and reward gameplay that we love about DayZ.  Survive with other players in a server as you fend off hordes of zombies via bigger guns, crafting more supplies, or even finding abandoned vehicles to escape or mow down enemies, undead or even human.

[heading]Dungeons and Dragons Online[/heading]If you are interested in a more standard approach to the mmo genre, then lets take a look at a franchise that essentially started the entirety of role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons Online is a mechanically fun game with combat being non standstill and Dungeons that have multiple routes depending on your group composition.  Each class feels unique and the overall presentation of the game in respect to story is fantastic even if it’s graphics are slightly dated.  If you are looking for good multiplayer role playing experience and own a mac, this is the game for you.

[heading]Albion Online[/heading]Lastly we are very much excited to talk about Albion Online which is currently in alpha and will soon release on pc, mac and even mobile as a f2p mmo.  Albion Online gameplay is very much anti-carebear.  In death, lose your items, movement itself is based on your carrying weight and gathering resources is dependant on the items you use to gather.  It is a cute artstyle and runs great, but don’t be fooled, this is a hardcore pvp game where guilds erect and destroy entire player built kingdoms.  Abilities are customized via armor/weapon slots, so crafting, economy, and surviving are the key words here in Albion Online.

Owning a Mac has its advantages, but the MMO library is not one of them.  Hopefully this top list helped you out a bit and if it did make sure to like and subscribe and we will keep the content coming.

Top 10 Best Mac MMORPGs – MMO Attack Top 10

MMO ATK’s list of the Top 10 Best Mac MMORPGs.
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*F2P means that there is no regular subscription fee for enjoyment of the game. An initial purchase may be required for some games.

10. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
9. Dofus
8. Wurm Online
7. Savage 2
6. Planeshift
5. Everquest
4. Drakensang Online
3. Runescape
2. League of Legends
1. Guild Wars 2

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Top 10 Free-to-Play Mac MMORPGs

In a day and age where everyone has a computer, most consumers buy what’s most popular; and the Mac is certainly popular. Tons of people own a Mac, enjoying a user friendly operating system, a strong processor, and reliable amount of power. With such capabilities, there would no doubt be MMORPGs on the Mac one day. Some games have succeeded on the PC for years, while others have taken life on both operating systems concurrently. Best of all, you can try out every single one of these games for free. Here are the top 10 free-to-play MMORPGs made for the Mac.