BioWare Release 2015 Roadmap For Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare today released a feature-filled developer roadmap for Star Wars: The Old Republic ahead of today’s highly anticipated Conflict on Rishi’s patch update. Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer Bruce Maclean took to the official blog to deliver a letter to remind players of the pillar points of the SWTOR experience as the team plan to focus heavily on combat, exploration, progression and story. 2015 will see BioWare introduce deeply immersive story content, a process that began with 2014’s release of Shadow of Revan.

Maclean continues to highlight updates throughout 2015 with February expecting to see the release of Conflict of Rishi today, followed by Blood Hunt and Battle for Rishi Hard Mode Flashpoints alongside the beginning of Season 4. Further down the line players can expect a new stronghold and playable Togruta.

[quote cite=”Bruce Maclean Producer Star Wars: The Old Republic “]
There’s still more to be revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic this year – this is just the start! When we are further along in development, we will post more information that dive into the nitty-gritty details for these new features.

I want to thank you, our galactic heroes, for continuing to support us. It’s your feedback and enthusiasm that makes Star Wars: The Old Republic a better game and drives us to be better. All of our hard work is for you.

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