Black Desert Online Head Start Client Download Available

Daum Games and Pearl Abyss today announced that the head start program for Black Desert Online is nearly upon us and those that have picked up any of the available pre-order packages are now able to download the head start game client. Launch for the first batch of pre-order holders begins early next week, full details on when each package gains access can be seen below:


  • Pre-order customers can now download the head start client
  • Note: If you have the CBT2 client, you can simply patch it into the Launch client, it’s all the same!
  • Name reservation is still possible up until the 27th 08:00 UTC.
  • The head starts below are only for Pre-Order holders:
    Headstart Conqueror’s Package: 28.02 08:00 UTC
    Headstart Explorer’s Package: 01.03 08:00 UTC
    Headstart Traveler’s Package: 02.03 08:00 UTC
  • Pre-Order benefit claiming page will open 28.02 08:00 UTC under your ACCOUNT.
  • Distributing Guest passes will be available after official launch on 03.03!


Source: Press Release

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