Bot Users In World Of Warcraft Reporting Bans Of Up To 18 Months

Blizzard continue their attempts at cleaning up the World of Warcraft community today as a new wave of bans aimed at botters and users of third-party programs targeted a “large number” of accounts. The battle to rid World of Warcraft of those that automate game play and abuse third-party programs is a long one. Blizzard recently dished out a huge number of bans earlier this year with many accounts reporting ban lengths of up to 6 lengths, and they even took one of the designers of the most popular botting software to court.

Today marks the next roll-out of these continued efforts as an official forum post informed the community of the bans. A quick check around some of the forums for the leading bot software confirms as much as players are reporting bans from 6 to 18 months. It doesn’t appear that severity of the botting is playing that much of a factor as a single user reported an 18 month ban for botting 1 character to 100 while another reported 6 months with 10 level 100 characters.

The team at Blizzard warned offenders that the next round of bans will have even more severe penalties.

Source: HonorBuddy

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