Browser MMO City of Steam alpha release date set for July

Mechanist Games has just announced that their browser-based MMORPG,  City of Steam,  will enter into Alpha at some point this coming July.

Many of those who participated in the Sneak Peak at this year’s GDC had been hounding Mechanist Games for an answer to a simple question, “When does the official Alpha test begin?”  Well, they have had some time now to digest all the information and are pleased that many of those who participated in the Sneak Peak indicated that they thought the game was looking and playing great, and that it looked like it was an Alpha build already.  On their developer’s blog they thank everyone who participated and can’t wait to get everyone playing the Alpha version.  And that after much thought, they are pleased to announce that the release date is set for July.  They haven?t locked in a specific day yet, but we shall know soon enough.

While you?re waiting for the day to come, there are three ways you can keep up with the development progress. First, visit the City of Steam website regularly and read the dev journals and other news. Second, subscribe to our newsletters and we?ll send you those updates as soon as possible. Third, talk to the developers or exchange opinions with other followers in the community. They are always taking questions from their fans to help better their game.

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