Minecraft for the Xbox 360 breaks sales records

The Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released on yesterday and easily broke many sales records according to statements from Microsoft and Mojang’s Notch on Thursday.

Not only has the block-filled sandbox title broken Xbox LIVE Arcade sales records but it was also profitable after just one hour of release.  “Saw the official sales numbers for the first 24 hours of Minecraft Xbox 360, and it’s very good,” tweeted Markus “Notch” Persson. “Profitable in an hour.”

Microsoft later released a statement saying that Minecraft broke day one sales record on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The game was released as part of the Arcade NEXT promotion that also saw Trials Evolution break sales records in just 24 hours.

A quick look at the leaderboards for Minecraft currently show over 450,000 entries for the game. Given that the game costs 1600 MS Points ($20), this adds up to a lot of cash. This has turned into quite a profitable release for Microsoft, Mojang and 4J Studios who was responsible for porting the game to the Xbox 360.

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