Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that enables players to explore their own destiny while conquering territory and gaining power. The game?s 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer players the best graphics and smoothest gameplay of any browser-based game on the market. In addition with detailed character customization and trade specialization systems, players direct the path of their heroes to win a war for their kingdom.

Call of Thrones requires you download a mini-client before running the game on the web browser. The mini-client only takes at most 5 seconds to download and another 5 to install.  The game was touted as the first Chinese browser MMO crafted in full 3D environment. By implementing the Direct3D Plug-in, Call of Thrones renders three-dimensional graphics and smooth performance.

Set in the turbulent era of Three Kingdoms in China, Call of Thrones tells the conflicts among the three mutually hostile factions, that is, Wei, Shu and Wu. And there are a total of 4 classes which are distinguished from each other by the weapons they wield. You can choose the gender of your role as well as customize his or her appearance with 16 hairstyles and 8 face types. Call of Thrones also offers a variety of clothes for you to choose and thanks to its unique preview function, you can get a clear view of your selected character.

The battles in Call of Thrones are turn-based, which can be either activated by hand or carried out automatically. Having successfully defeated your opponents, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of experience points which can be used to boost up your attributes and improve your skills.


  • Dozens of Massive Maps
  • 5 Unique Classes with different Abilities
  • Gorgeous Battle Wings with special stats
  • Cute Pets & Mounts with skills

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