Chaos Heroes Online Closed Beta Underway

Aeria Games today announced the immediate launch of the closed beta client for the action-packed free-to-play MOBA game, Chaos Heroes Online. Accompanying the closed beta release is the exciting announcement that players can earn exclusive limited edition skins for participating in the beta event, alongside the reveal of a new Founder’s Pack opportunity that offers a variety of exciting in-game goodies.

are really excited to start the Closed Beta and let players try out the
game for themselves,” said Pascal Zuta, CEO of Aeria Games. “We are
confident that the challenging gameplay and map mechanics will resonate
with MOBA players looking for new tactics and strategies.”

Those that sign up to participate will receive two exclusive skins for popular Chaos Heroes Online characters. The Undead Tank Hadan gets treated to a MK-II Hadan skin while the Forest Dancer Silk skin for the Lotus Mage. Those that want to take the experience to the next level can do so via the Founder’s Program. Purchasing the package opens up additional Heroes, up to 20 in total, extra skins and a few beta keys to share with friends.

Source: Press Release

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