Chaos Heroes Online | Heroes Guide[heading]Eldin[/heading][heroes]
[stat=Cleansing Radiance]Eldin can both heal allies and harm enemies with the power of Cleansing Radiance.[/stat]
[stat=Holy Guard]Favored by the gods, Eldin can conjure a powerful shield protecting him from harm’s way.[/stat]
[stat=Ubiquity]One cannot escape judgement from the skies. Ubiquity allows Eldin to teleport where he wishes.[/stat]
[stat=Purifying Light]Summoning a ball of searing light, Eldin unleashes destruction on his enemies.[/stat]
[/heroes]Eldin is a member of the Divine Union in Chaos Heroes Online. He is a beloved High Priest of the Elven Folk, Eldin wields the power of the Light to both heal his allies and smite his foes. More information about Eldin coming soon!

[stat=Dead Man Walking]Hadan deals damage to nearby enemies and benefits from increased defense.[/stat]
[stat=Fear of Death]Nearbye enemies are damaged and striken with fear.[/stat]
[stat=Burrow]Haban dives into the ground to close on unsuspecting prey.[/stat]
[stat=Mass Grave]Hadan conjures a mass grave, heavily damaging enemies caught in the area.[/stat]
[/heroes]Hadan is part of the Immortal Legion. Hadan is a furious undead beast deprived of reason and purpose. He commands the earth and the dead to assist him in his hunt. More information about Hadan coming soon!

[stat=Fireblast]Nils’ fireblast clears the way by dealing large amounts of damage in a a line.[/stat]
[stat=Flashbang]Nils throws a Flashbang, damaging and blinding enemies and revealing the area for a short duration.[/stat]
[stat=Play Dead]Nils can play dead to escape sticky situations.[/stat]
[stat=Air Strike]Nils jumps into the air and becomes invincible and deal s AoE damage for a short duration.[/stat]
[/heroes]Niles is a member of the Immortal Legion. Hailing from the western continent Asha, Nils is geared with incredibly advanced technology – and a knack on how to use it properly. More information about Nils coming soon!

[stat=Ice Collision]Khazhad conjures a massive wave of ice, damaging and stunning all enemies in its path.[/stat]
[stat=Freezing Wave]Khazhad breathes icy death over an area, slowing and damaging all enemies caught.[/stat]
[stat=Unholy Armor]Simply standing besides him with will grand allies additional defense.[/stat]
[stat=Glacial Colossus]A gigantic monster from another era, the Glacial Colossus only answers to Khazhad.[/stat]
[/heroes]Khazhad is a member of the Immortal Legion. He is an ageless lich and a master of the frozen wastelands, Khazhad exerts complete control over ice. More information about Khazad coming soon!

[stat=King’s Monument]Lenhart conjures a statue of himself, strengthening his allies and weakening his enemies.[/stat]
[stat=Justice Retribution]Lenhart stuns and damages all nearbye enemies.[/stat]
[stat=Sword Mastery]Lenhart sustains from the damage he deals and gains critical strike.[/stat]
[stat=Exemplar Decree]His strength increases and he is able to use his strongest attack for a short duration.[/stat]
[/heroes]Lenhart is a member of the Immortal Legion. Having forsaken his kin to defend the infected, Lenhart wields his sword with conviction and great mastery to save and protect. More information about Lenhart coming soon!

[stat=Bestial Charge]Orson calls upon a giant wild boar to knock down his foes.[/stat]
[stat=Stampede!]Orson commands a pack of boars to strike his opponents.[/stat]
[stat=Hunter Instinct]Orson benefits from increased range, damage and speed for a duration.[/stat]
[stat=Summon Bapu]Orson summons a giant bear, Bapu.[/stat]
[/heroes]Orson is a member of the Divine Union. Blessed with complete control over animals, Orson and his army of beasts is the wildcard of the Peripen tribe. More information about Orson coming soon!

[stat=Ocean Geyser]Rishona conjures a surging water geyser under her enemies’ feet, throwing them into the air.[/stat]
[stat=Aqua Sphere]Rishona crushes her opponents with a giant spear of water.[/stat]
[stat=Abyssal Dive]Rishona dives into her abyssal realm to reappear at another location.[/stat]
[stat=Raging Deluge]Rishona ascends into the air and casts a barrage of water spells for a duration.[/stat]
[/heroes]Rishona is a member of the Immortal Legion. Insanely powerful sea witch, Rishona is considered by many to be a cruel sea goddess, drowning all sailors daring to enter her domains. More information about Rishona coming soon!

[stat=Wild Charge]Rongo charges forward his totem, pushing all foes in his way aside.[/stat]
[stat=Totem Slam]Slamming down his totem into the ground, slows nearby enemies.[/stat]
[stat=Immortal Spirit]Rongo ignores injuries for a short time when mortally wounded.[/stat]
[stat=Moohuka Carnage]Rongo jumps on his target to unleash the full might of the Moohuka fighting style.[/stat]
[/heroes]Rong is a member of the Divine Union. He carries an enchanted totem to battle. Rongo is the strongest champion of the Moohuka tribe, known for its warriors. More information about Rongo coming soon!

[stat=Sand Wave]Shade creates a wave of sand, damaging and blinding enemies in a path.[/stat]
[stat=Desert Punishment]All enemies around Shade are instantly damaged and slowed.[/stat]
[stat=Sand Curtain]Shade gains a temporary shield and increased attack range.[/stat]
[stat=Sand Storm]All enemies in a large area are slowed and receive heavy damage[/stat]
[/heroes]Shade is a member of the Divine Union. A princess of a small unknown desert tribe, she is the chosen scion of the powerful and mysterious Sand Magi lineage. More information about Shade coming soon!

[stat=Shockwave]Tubalkein strikes the ground and creates a shockwave of raw energy[/stat]
[stat=Fearless Charge]Tubalkein rushes head first towards his target.[/stat]
[stat=Elite Inspiration]Tubalkein’s mere presence inspires awe in his fellow companions.[/stat]
[stat=Earthquake]Slamming his entire might into the ground, Tubalkein generates an earthquake under his feet.[/stat]
[/heroes]Tubalkein is a member of the Divine Union. An elite warrior of the Beastman, Tubalkein’s immense phyusical strength allows him to shake the very earth with his attacks. More information about Tubalkein coming soon!

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