City of Steam Arkadia New Server Pack Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and Mechanist Games have teamed up to offer fans of City of Steam Arkadia an item pack giveaway to help players out on their journey in the brand new server.  The new server gift pack comes with a ton of stuff including keys to unlock chests in dungeons, extra metals and alloys, a few cosmetic items and Spiremarks.

City of Steam: Arkadia is a 3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG, the debut Unity3D-based MMO from Mechanist Games. It transports players to a world where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. After obtaining your code, go to City of Steam: Arkadia’s website
3. Register or sign in to your account and click ‘Play Now’
4. Once in-game, go to the Rewards window and click ‘Promo Code’
5. Check your backpack for the goodies

[heading]City of Steam: Arkadia Gameplay[/heading]

City of Steam: Arkadia Gameplay | First Impressions

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