Combat Impresses In Latest Cabal 2 Video

ESTSoft today released the first entry in a four-part video series showcasing the robust and adrenaline fueled combat in the highly anticipated sequel to CABAL Online, Cabal 2. The combat in Cabal 2 builds on many of the elements that set its predecessor apart from the MMO competition with heavy focus placed on a players ability to combo attacks and strike at certain intervals, rewarding skill and ability over that of item power and rarity.

Players will be able to string together hundreds of unique combination attacks as they launch consecutive combos amidst trigger skills and reaction-based abilities. The system has been built to provide enough accessibility and familiarity to allow new players to learn the system while the in-depth combos and later skills provide plenty of death for the hardcore MMO fans.

Check out the new trailer below:

CABAL 2 Feature Spotlight #1: Combat

Source: Press Release

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