Competitive Leagues Introduced To SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios have published the latest patch notes for the free-to-play MOBA game, SMITE; and there’s some pretty awesome content on the way. Sticking with their traditional Wednesday release Hi-Rez Studios have announced that the latest update will go live on US and EU servers later today.

The latest update sees the return of the popular melee brawler Sun Wukong, but not as we know him. The Monkey God has been given a serious overhaul with a brand new character model and changes to each of his abilities. The old comical Sun Wukong has been left far behind as the more serious God takes to the battlefield with a variety of deadly skills including the ability to transform, create a powerful clone and knock back all nearby enemies.

Accompanying Sun Wukong is the introduction of the highly anticipated SMITE League system. Players will now be able to participate in monthly leagues as long as they complete at least 10 SMITE matches. The top and bottom 20% of players from each League at the end of each season will be promoted and demoted respectively.

There’s a host of other changes including art overhauls for Jungle mobs, tons of item changes and some minor tweaks to God abilities. The reveal video is below but for a full rundown on this weeks patch click here.

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