Microsoft Punishing MMO Fans With Paywall

During a recent interview Gaijin Entertainment?s Pavel Kulikov discussed the reasoning behind the lack of an Xbox One launch for the World War II aerial combat sim, War Thunder. The award-winning MMO has already made quite the impact on the PC crowd and the official confirmation of a PlayStation 4 release has console players giddy at the thought of intense dogfights and unique air-to-ground combat

Microsoft fans haven’t been given the same treatment as War Thunder is unable to launch on the Xbox One unless Microsoft change’s their Gold Subscription paywall policies.

Until Microsoft will change its policies about free-to-play model
(forcing everyone to buy Gold membership for multiplayer) and
cross-platform play, War Thunder won?t be possible on Xbox One. I want
to point out that this has nothing to do with hardware ? Xbox One is a
very potent machine and is quite capable of running our game.

It’s not the only MMO game that’s causing Microsoft problems. Other free next-gen titles, such as Warframe, have also stumbled in regards to launching on Microsoft’s next-gen platform.

The console wars have never been more brutal but this is one area that Sony is dominating. Do you think Microsoft will change their policies? Leave your thoughts below.

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