Conquer Online’s 2012 Free Trip to China

Still dwelling on last year’s free trip to China? Eager to be part of your own epic journey? Well, now you’ve got your next chance at this once-in-a-lifetime journey to China! From game to real life, this trip not only changed the gaming life for two Americans & two Britons, but took them straight to the real world in the Far East with martial arts! Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the clip for last year’s extraordinary trip.

CO's 2012 Free Trip To China

Today, we want to announce to our readers more of the details of this journey to the Far East. With the registration already at an end, the 3 lucky winners have been selected, and they are as follows.

The loyal player TheTerror (Liberty/Prosperity) from the United States (Where are you?)

The VIP player babyblue (Freedom server) from Australia (In touch)

The returning player peacelover (Pharos/TempleArtemis) from the Netherlands (Where are you)!

Will there be any difference from last year? Sure there will be! This time, during this 7-day luxurious trip, you’ll land in one of the biggest metropolises in the world, Shanghai! You’ll get to experience ancient culture as set in a modern city. The famous West Lake in Hangzhou will be your next stop, where you’ll tour the mysterious LingYin Temple and JingCi Temple that are located south of the lake. What’s more, you’ll also visit a historic scenic town, Wuzhen.

Come play Conquer Online together, and it’s very likely your life will be changed by the game in the near future!

The Bund- Enjoy the gorgeous night view of Shanghai.

Old City God Temple- Discover the traditional commercial district.

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