Absolute Force Online

[stat=Publisher]TQ Digital[/stat]
[stat=Developer]NetDragon Websoft[/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]??[/stat]
Absolute Force Online (AFO) is a new free-to-play online shooter developed by TQ Digital, a leading Chinese online gaming company that created Conquer Online and Eudemons Online. Built on the Unreal Engine 3, AFO supports intense combat, real-time dynamic simulation and impressive graphics. It not only offers a large arsenal of weapons but also military vehicles from tanks to aircrafts to enhance the true feeling of the battlefield. In the game, players will choose to join either Rotten Angels or Hands of Justice. Role-playing hired mercenaries, players will fight in various famouse locations all around the world from Colosseum to Vegas and to White House. Multiplayer-oriented, the game also provide a campaign mode for co-op play.


  • Exclusive Hero Battlefield Mode

After a certain number of deaths, the character will be able to turn into a Hero with highly increased power and abilities.

  • Deep Customized Armory

The enhanced AVATAR system allows creation of the amazing and unique characters. More than 40 options for users to create their own character which means almost all part of the character body are customizable, realizing each player`s ideal style.

  • Ultimate Fighting Experience

With the option to switch between First-person and Third-person perspective, the game greatly enhances the shooting experience for all types of fighter. By taking into account the various control habits of players, this special design also aims at displaying diverse game visions from different perspectives.

  • Multiple Game Modes

5 featured game modes await players to take on all challengers and work to earn better weapons. No matter which one you chose, the Deathmatch focuses on the individual?s ability, Team Deathmatch pays more attention to teamwork, and with the Capture the Flag, Bomb Mode, and Zombie Mode, each will have you experiencing the thrill of battle at its best!

Absolute Force Online Closed Beta Keys

[keys id=129156]TQ Digital Entertainment is proud to announce that on November 14, 2012 at 5:00pm PST Closed Beta for Absolute Force Online (AFO) will begin. MMO ATK has teamied up with TQ Digital Entertainment to bring players from around the world access to this absolutely forceful new shooter. Get your beta key now while supplies last!

[heading]To redeem your key follow these steps:[/heading]

1. Go to the Absolute Force homepage and Create an Account, or if you already possess a TQ game account, you can simply skip this step.

2. Then go to http://code.afo.91.com/, and enter your newly registered account or old TQ game account, together with your beta code, and hit submit, your beta code will get activated.

3. Download and install the game client and you are all set!


1. Absolute Force Online CB launch time: PST 5:00pm, November.14, 2012.

2. Beta keys are available for players worldwide.

3. One account can only activate one code.

[heading]About Absolute Force Online[/heading]
Absolute Force Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First person Shooter(MMOFPS). Built on Unreal Engine 3, this game has luscious graphics that perfectly displays full-motion video effects, which helps usher it into a new era for visual experiences in network gaming. The real-time dynamic simulation, innovative weapon system, and distinctive game play will enable players to immerse themselves in the intense combat. Moreover, the Vehicle Mode enhances the true feeling of the battlefield, training players to attack as fast as a thunder and defend as the strongest walls. To satisfy the players` varied tastes, the game is highly customizable, allowing users to create their own avatars, backgrounds, as well as the visual style.

New Event Launches As Conquer Online 3 Expectations Grow Higher

With the development of Conquer Online 3 (CO3) steadily progressing, and additional information surrounding CO3 being revealed all the time, players who adventure and fight alongside their comrades in the Conquer land have grown fonder and fonder of this epic fresh in-the-making game. The expectations for CO3 have grown much higher than previously imagined.