Could A League Of Legends TV Series Crack The Big Time?

After watching the recently released and totally awesome (I may have overused that term but it’s true!) League of Legends cinematic, thousands of dedicated fans instantly began spouting about the potential of a possible TV or web series and who am I to deny the masses? Despite the accusations of a certain MMOAttack user, I’m looking at you Got Wood, I did not get wood over the video…Okay, maybe a little but is that a crime?

If there’s one major ingredient to success that everyone could agree on, it would be a fan base. League of Legends was recently crowned as the most played game on planet Earth and continues to grow from strength to strength. Since its founding Riot Games has scooped up numerous awards and lead the charge into the increasingly popular MOBA genre. Since then the critically acclaimed free MOBA game has dominated the competitive scene and appealed to over 35 million players earning over 168 million views on YouTube.

So now that we’re all agreed that the fan base is there, what is to stop Riot Games launching League onto a new media platform? Well in short, nothing. The latest cinematic video proved they have the abilities to deliver cutting-edge animation and the Champion base in League of Legends could fill a large library.

But how would it work? There are obvious fan favorites in the game outside of the matches themselves. People respond well to the cute Yordles and everyone loves the buxom females but could a lead character appeal to enough to get the viewers engaged?

Personally I think they hit it perfectly with the cinematic trailer. I wouldn’t concentrate on a single character but instead I would focus on the battles that rage between the Champions in the League. Reading the detailed background stories of each Champion you’ll quite often find references to an arch nemesis or enemy Champion that’s featured in the game, providing the foundations for a solid video.

So what do you think? If you could see two League of Legends Champions fight to the death in gloriously rendered 3D video, who would it be and most importantly, who would win?

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