Creativity Wins Prizes In The Crew

Ubisoft have just published details on a “Skin A Car” contest for the upcoming, next-generation racing MMO, The Crew. The community event will be available in all EMEA territories (Europe, Middle East, Asia) and will give players a chance to showcase their creative talent for the chance to win exclusive prizes relating to The Crew.

Players are asked to customize a Mini Cooper S with the potential of seeing their creation come to life with the release of The Crew. Customization efforts will take place on the official website before the completed product is uploaded to the games Facebook page, leaving it up to the fans and community to choose the design which they like the most.

Other prizes include a tour of Ubisoft’s studio, The Crew Limited Edition copies, free t-shirts and discounts on the Uplay Shop. For more information on the prizes, click here, or to have a shot at winning you can begin customizing your Mini here.

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