Critically Acclaimed Turn-Based MMO Now Live

GamesCampus today celebrate the official launch of their critically acclaimed turn-based MMO game, Ecol Tactics Online. Although the game has received criticism due to its approach to micro-transactions, some critics have called it “the most exciting MMO launch this year”. Ecol Tactics Online is the first global release of a browser MMO game for the publishers, the same team behind popular games such as RF Online.

“After months of fine tuning Ecol Tactics, we are pleased to announce the launch of our very first turn based strategy browser based game, Ecol Tactics Online!” said Elliott Coward, Head Producer for Ecol Tactics Online. “We have brand new never seen before content and a slew of special events and giveaways.?

To celebrate the official launch the developers have revealed some exciting new content for Ecol Tactics players. A brand new PvP Coliseum has been introduced that will give players the opportunity to prove their turn-based prowess in intense competition against other powerful mercenaries. The official launch also sees the introduction of the highly anticipated Guild features, allowing players to exchange tips and items among friends and fellow guild members.

Finally, brand new items have been added to the item mall such as additional costumes and Silver Hammers that help reduce decay on upgraded items. There’s also brand new boxes available that offer players the opportunity to claim a random Mercenary as a reward.

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